Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Painscreek 5/9/2018 Patch Notes

Hi everyone. Here’s a list of things that were patched/implemented:

1. Optimized the village, one of the three heaviest scenes in the game. This includes optimizing the terrain and improving the terrain textures, which helps with reducing the RAM and GPU usage, and the loading times,.

2. Proof-read all documents (U.S. English).

3. Updated the disclaimer at the beginning of the game, informing players of the reload option should they encounter technical issues during gameplay.

4. Fixed incorrect dates which caused inconsistencies in the story's timeline.

5. Minor bugs fixes listed by players posted in the Steam community forum.

6. Removed AA option since the game uses Unity 5.3.4 engine which does not support that feature.

7. Implemented full Steam Controller support.

8. Made changes towards the end of the game to improve the player's experience during gameplay.

We thank the community for their support and being patient with us. Currently, we are working hard at optimizing the Hospital and the Mansion, which are the remaining heaviest scenes in the game. Upon completion, the game's frame rate and loading time should improve considerably.

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